Aquifer Beaker

Edwards Aquifer

Aquifer Level 638.2'
4/17/14 - Official

The Edwards aquifer and its catchment area in the San Antonio region is about 8,000 square miles and includes all or part of 13 counties in south-central Texas.

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Landscape Watering
Last Digit of Address Watering Day
0 or 1 Monday
2 or 3 Tuesday
4 or 5 Wednesday
6 or 7 Thursday
8 or 9 Friday
No Watering on Weekends

Stage 2:
Water On Your Day

Watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is allowed only once a week from 7-11 a.m. and 7-11 p.m. on your designated watering day as determined by your address.

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Aquifer Level 638.2 | Stage 2: Water On Your Day


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SAWS Construction Specifications

The standard specifications and drawings (DD) are provided as a technical resource for engineering professionals for use in design and construction of water and wastewater projects managed and contracted by the San Antonio Water System.

At any time, these specifications and drawings may be altered or superseded by the general conditions, specific conditions, or drawings within the bid documents issued for each project.

The Specifications for Water and Sanitary Sewer Construction have been updated. Projects starting after April 1, 2008 should follow the specifications and drawings provided below. For projects in process before the update, may reference previous specifications here.

Significant changes to the construction specifications have been outlined in the following document:

To download the full, 462-page specification guide, in Adobe PDF format, click on the link below.

For your convenience the Specifications for Water and Sanitary Sewer Construction specifications have also been divided into a downloadable Adobe PDFs.

IA-1--Spec Index
101--Preparation of Right-of-Way
110--Recycle Water System

200--Flexible Base
300--Concrete (Natural Aggregate)
301--Reinforcing Steel
307--Concrete Structures

550--Trench Excavation Safety Protection
804--Excavation, Trenching and Backfill
DD-804-01--Sanitary Sewer Pipe Laid in Trench
DD-804-02--Trench Compaction Detail

808--Reinforced Concrete Vaults
DD-808-01--Standard Details All Meter Vaults
DD-808-02--Vault for 3",4",6",8" Meter & 6",8" Detector Check
DD-808-02--Vault for 3", 4", 6", & 8" Turbine Meter
DD-808-03--Concrete Vault for 6" & 8" Double Detector Check
DD-808-04--Concrete Vault for 10" Double Detector Check
DD-808-05--Concrete Vault for 12" Service with 10" Meter
DD-808-05--Concrete Vault for 12" Service with 10" Meter
DD-808-05--Concrete Vault for 12" Service with 10" Meter
DD-808-06--Concrete Vault for 6" & 8" Fire Flow Meter
DD-808-07--10" Fire Flow Meter Installation
DD-808-08--Concrete Vault for 6", 8" Detector Check
DD-808-09--Concrete Vault for 10", 12" Detector Check
DD-808-10--Bolt Down Mechanism

809--Reinforced Concrete Vaults for Metered Fire line Services
812--Water Main Installation
DD-812-00--Pipe Couplings
DD-812-01--Potable and Recycled Water Main Detail

813--Water Service for Fire lines
814--Ductile Iron Pipe

816--Steel Pipe Installation
DD-816-01--Coupling Harness Steel Pipe

818--PVC (C-900) Pipe Installation
819--PVC (C-905) Pipe Installation
820--Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe Installation
DD-820-01--Installation of C.S.C. in Conduit or Bore

822--Customer's Yard Pipe (Water)
DD-822-01--Relocate Service & Reconnect Customer's Yard Piping

823--Directional Boring for Yard Pipe (Water)
824--Service Supply Lines (Water)
DD-824-01--Copper Service Installation Main in Terrace
DD-824-01--Copper Service Installation Unimproved Street
DD-824-01--Copper Service Installation Tapping Schedule
DD-824-02--Service Relay, Service Relocation 3/4' thru 2"
DD-824-03--Service Reconnection 3/4" thru 2"
DD-824-03--Service Reconnection 3/4" thru 2"
DD-824-04--Service Arrangement in Cul-De-Sac
DD-824-04--Service Arrangement in Cul-De-Sac w/Hydrant
DD-824-05--Typical Service Arrangement
DD-824-05--Typical Service Arrangement
DD-824-06--3" Turbine Meter Installation
DD-824-06--3" Turbine Meter Installation
DD-824-07--4" Turbine Meter Installation
DD-824-07--4" Turbine Meter Installation
DD-824-09--6" Turbine Meter Installation
DD-824-09--6" Turbine Meter Installation
DD-824-10--6" Fire Flow Meter Installation
DD-824-12--8" Service with a 8" Turbine Meter
DD-824-12--8" Service with a 8" Turbine Meter
DD-824-13--8" Fire Flow Meter Installation
DD-824-14--10" Fire Flow Meter Installation
DD-824-15--12" Service with 10" Turbine Meter
DD-824-16--Temporary 4" Service w/4" Meter
DD-824-17--6" & 8" Detector Check for Fire Line
DD-824-17--6" & 8" Detector Check for Fire Line
DD-824-18--10"x12" Detector Check for Fire Line
DD-824-18--10"x12" Detector Check for Fire Line
DD-824-19--6" & 8" Double Detector Check Valve Installation
DD-824-20--10" Double Detector Check Valve Installation
DD-824-21--4",6",8" Non-metered Service
DD-824-22 -- Double Check Detector (DCDA) Assembly Above Grade Installation

826--Valve Box Adjustments
828--Gate Valves
DD-828-01--Non-Geared Gate Valve w/Valve Box & Extension
DD-828-02--Geared Horizontal Gate Valve w/Valve Box Complete
DD-828-03--Geared Vertical Gate Valve w/Valve Box Complete
DD-828-04--Valve Marker

830--Butterfly Valves
DD-830-01--Buried Butterfly Valve w/Valve Box Complete
DD-830-01--Butterfly Valve Arrangement for D.I. 20' & Larger
DD-830-01--Butterfly Valve Arrangement for C.S.C. Pipe
DD-830-01--Reaction Block- Butterfly Valves & Blow-Off Assemblies

831--Cut-In Tee
832--Tapping Sleeves and Valves
833--Meter and Meter Box Installation
DD-833-01--Typical Meter Box Location (Residential)
DD-833-02--Temporary 3" Fire Hydrant
DD-833-03--Service Installation w/Pressure Reducing Valve

834--Fire Hydrants
DD-834-01--Fire Hydrant Installation
DD-834-02--Fire Hydrant Guard Post
DD-834-03--Fire Hydrant Installation at Cul-De-Sac

836--Grey Iron and Ductile-Iron Fittings
839--Anchorage and Thrust Blocking
DD-839-01--Thrust Blocks for Fittings (Water Only)
DD-839-02--Thrust Blocking for High Pressure System
DD-839-03--Typical Thrust Blocks (Sewer Only)
DD-839-04--Restrained Lengths for Tees
DD-839-04--Restrained Lengths for Tees
DD-839-05--Restrained Lengths for Dead Ends/Inline Valves
DD-839-06--Restrained Lengths for Vertical Offsets
DD-839-07--Restrained Lengths for Reducers
DD-839-08--Restrained Lengths for Horizontal Bends

840--Water Tie-Ins
841--Hydrostatic Testing Operations
844--Blowoff Assemblies
DD-844-01--2" Temporary Blow-offs on 6" & 8" D.I. Mains
DD-844-01--2" Temporary Blow-offs on 12" & 16" D.I. Mains
DD-844-02--2" Permanent Blow-offs on 12" & 16" D.I. Mains
DD-844-02--Typical Blow-off Arrangement on Dead End Mains
DD-844-02--2" Permanent Blow-offs on 6" & 8" D.I. Mains
DD-844-03--Blow-off Assembly on 2" Temporary Main
DD-844-04--4" Temporary Blow-off- 20" & Larger D.I. Main
DD-844-04--4" Temporary Blow-off- 20" & Lager C.S.C Main
DD-844-05--4" Permanent Blow-off- 20" & Larger D.I. Main
DD-844-05--4" Permanent Blow-off- 20" & Larger C.S.C.Main

DD-845-00--SAWS Property Marker on Unfenced Property
DD-845-01--Standard Gate and Fence around SAWS Property

846--Air Release Assemblies
DD-846-01--Installation of 1" Air Release Valve
DD-846-02--Installation of 2" Air Release Valve

DD-847-01--Standard Chlorination Installation

848--Sanitary Sewers
DD-848-01--Go, No Go Deflection Testing Mandrel
DD-848-01--Go, No Go Deflection Testing Mandrel Chart

849--Air and Deflection Testing (Sanitary Sewer)
850--Sanitary Sewer Structures
DD-850-01--Typical Sanitary Sewer Structure

851--Adjusting Existing Manholes
852--Sanitary Sewer Manholes
DD-852-01--Standard Pre cast Manhole
DD-852-01--Standard Monolithic Manhole
DD-852-02--Vented Manhole Ring and Cover Detail
DD-852-03--Manhole Ring Encasement Detail
DD-852-04--Shallow Manhole Detail
DD-852-05--Pre-Cast Manhole Base Straight Through
DD-852-06--Pre-Cast Manhole Base 45 Degree Angle
DD-852-07--Manhole Ring and Cover Detail
DD-852-08--Drop Manhole Detail

853--Reinforced Polyester Manholes
854--Sanitary Sewer Laterals
DD-854-01--House Lateral Detail
DD-854-02--Typical Clean out Detail
DD-854-03--Lateral Connection

855--Reconstruction of Existing Manholes

856--Jacking, Boring or Tunneling Pipe
DD-856-01--Railroad Installation of Pipe In Conduit
DD-856-01--Installation of Pipe in Conduit
DD-856-02--Pavement Installation of Pipe in Bore
DD-856-02--Installation of Pipe in Bore

858--Concrete Encasement, Cradles, Saddles, and Collars
DD-858-01--Typical Concrete Encasement Details
DD-858-02--Typical Concrete Details

860--Vertical Stacks
DD-860-01--Typical Vertical Stack Detail

862--Abandonment of Sewer Mains and Manholes
864--Bypass Pumping
866--Sewer Main Televising Inspection
868--Sewer Main Cleaning
869--Project Signs
DD-869-01--Project Sign for SAWS Construction

900--Pipe Bursting/Crushing Replacement Process
902--Safety and Health Program (Specification)

902--Safety and Health Program (Procedure)
903--Construction QC/QA Program (Specification)

903--Construction QC/QA Program (Procedure)
904--Construction Phase Procedures (Specification)

904--Construction Phase Procedures (Procedure)
Transmittal Form
Memorandum Form
Telephone Conversation Record
Request for Information
Transmittal of Contractor's Submittal
Conference Memorandum
Daily Construction Report
Contractor's Daily Construction Report
Monthly Summary of Construction
Pipe Leak Test Record
Request for Proposal
Proposal Cost Format
Change Order
Work Change Directive
Daily Time and Material Record
Payment Estimate
Payment Estimate(Excel Format)
Contract Summary Sheet
Contract Summary Sheet(Excel Format)
Spare Parts Transmittal
Pre-Con Checklist
Project Closeout Process
Water Acceptance Checklist
Sewer Acceptance Checklist

Log 1- Request for Information
Log 2- Shop Drawing Submittal
Log 3- Pipe Testing
Log 4- Change Order Proposal
Log 5- Change Order
Log 6- Spare Parts Transfer
Log 7- Training
Log 8- Contractor Un-metered Water Use Log
Log 9- Contractor Tank Truck Water Use Log

906--Water Use Accountability
1015--Service Line Breaks/Leak Repairs
1020--Water Main Breaks/Leak Repairs
1100--Sliplining Sanitary Sewers
1101--Sliplining Grout
1103--Point Repairs and Obstruction Removals
1109--Sanitary Sewer Service Stubs and Reconnections
1110--Progress Schedule
1112--Project Record Documents
1114--Pre-Construction Videos
HP-1--High Pressure Distribution System
Backflow Protection for Water Hauling Equipment and/or Mixing Tanks
Backflow Prevention Assembly Installation Standards
Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program

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