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Preservation is Conservation

If you're lucky enough to have a little piece of Texas for your new home-building site consider preserving as much of it as you can. Native areas not only save water and look beautiful, but they also provide wonderful habitat for urban wildlife. As a starting point, preserve a minimum of 30 percent of your land after your home footprint is set.

The Root of the Problem

When trees are damaged during construction their wounds aren't always visible. In fact, most often damage surfaces over time in the form of gradual decay. You can protect and ensure them a long life with just a few simple steps.

Get in the Zone

We attempt to save water in many ways, such as collecting rain water or installing water-efficient fixtures in our homes. But putting extra thought into your landscape's design can save water, too. Hydrozoning is a technique that organizes plants into groups according to the amount of water they require.

Itsy Bitsy Spiders

Ok, I'll admit it — I am not a fan of spiders. But there are good spiders that can be found around the landscape that eliminate many garden pests. Not all spiders need to be dealt with by shoe or pesticide. A majority of them are quite harmless and pose no threat to you if you leave them alone.

Water Accordingly

Whoa, it's hot out there! Sadly, the big rains out to the west did not make it here. And so, sadly, we must water, but water according to the current watering advice.
Mark Peterson, Conservation Project Coordinator
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