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Carefree and Green

Putting a little forethought into the plants you choose for your landscape will pay dividends in the long run — both in maintenance and appearance.

Instead of choosing a landscape that's bound to look dead every winter and summer — and use a lot of water doing it — design a landscape that's carefree and green all year long. That way you can spend more time enjoying it and less time maintaining it all.

Keeping What Nature Offers

Nature has provided plants that tolerate heat, cold, drought and floods. They cost less to maintain — no watering, fertilizing or pruning necessary. Besides low maintenance, these plants encourage native birds and butterflies to stay in your landscape.

A Flutter of Color

Want a yard that explodes with color all year long? Animate your yard with winged wildlife. A wildlife garden is both low-maintenance and delightful. All you need is a plan, a shovel and the right plant list.

Painting the Town

Though native to South Texas, the piñata-colored painted bunting is near-threatened and relies upon plentiful brush and native weeds to provide nests and summer seeds. Listen for its treetop whistling at Mitchell Lake, Medina River and other natural areas.

Water Accordingly

Whoa, it's hot out there! Continue to water according to the current watering advice.
Mark Peterson, Conservation Project Coordinator
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