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Get Your Garden
On Safely

For most of us, gardening is a form of relaxation. While some people refer to it as puttering around, gardening can be an opportunity to just enjoy the quiet beauty or listen to the birds.

Nonetheless, you may be surprised to hear that there are about 200,000 gardening accidents a year. People love to take shortcuts and, in doing so, they increase the likelihood of injury.

Get a Winter Workout in the Garden

Winter is often a time of reflection and rejuvenation. Our winter isn't cold enough to ache our bones, but it is brisk enough to turn our thoughts to our landscape. And there's plenty to do — or in some cases not do — in the landscape, even in winter.

Poinsettia Care

One of the perks of South Texas is the opportunity to grow poinsettias for annual holiday beauty. Incorporate them into your landscape for year-round enjoyment!

Don't Trash the Tree, Recycle It!

If you put up a fresh Christmas tree this year, you may be wondering how best to dispose of it. Here are some ideas that will let you and your tree give back to the environment.

Winter Dormancy

Cooler weather is here and plants are going dormant. NO more irrigation until further notice or mid-January, whichever comes first.
Donna Fossum, Conservation Planner
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