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On Your Mark, Get Set, Count Birds!

The first flocks of purple martins will be back from Brazil this week — returning to nests high above Woodlawn, Calaveras and other long-established colonies. If you're enjoying the return of your martins, you're not alone: It's the weekend of the Great Backyard Bird Count, Feb. 13-16.

Coming Soon: New and Improved Coupon Programs

It's time to start thinking about your spring garden. The WaterSaver Landscape Coupon and Patioscape Coupon programs are both launching March 1 with some exciting changes to give you more flexibility in designing your landscape.

Holiday Watering Method

One of the hardest habits for our customers to break is the tendency to water their planting beds too often. The fact is, native plants and adapted non-natives do not require much water beyond natural rainfall. So then when should you water?

Valentine's Day Gifts from the Garden

You don't have to give traditional roses to your sweetheart for Valentine's Day. Get creative and use some things that you already have in your garden. Think outside the box for your gift giving.

Keep Saving Water!

Yes, we made it! We are well over the historic average for winter. Save money and water! Keep those irrigation systems turned off! Remind businesses as well.
Mark Peterson, Conservation Project Coordinator
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