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Garden Style San Antonio
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Jays: Colorful Denizens in San Antonio

San Antonio is home to three different species of jaybirds. If you're observant and patient, maybe you'll get to see one of these feathered jewels this winter.

Catch a Glimpse

Winter Chores for the Gardener

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't spend time in your garden. Tool maintenance and prepping your landscape for new plantings are two tasks you can tend to now.

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Watch the Winter Wildlife

While we hurry indoors to the warmth of a fire in a seemingly dormant world, Mother Nature still grows, blooms and scurries about the earth regardless of the weather.

See What Her Beauty Beholds

No Watering Needed

Long nights, cool weather, dormant plants…Oh my! Shut down all irrigation until further notice

Mark Peterson, Conservation Project Coordinator

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