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Garden Style San Antonio
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Winter Watering Grows Your Sewer Bill, Not Your Grass

It's winter and your lawn is dormant — so why is your irrigation system running? Using extra water outdoors now only makes your sewer bill grow later.

Prevent Pricey Winter Watering No-Nos

Selecting & Measuring 200 Square Feet

Need to lay out a planting bed for the next WaterSaver coupon? Measuring wheels and tapes are obvious choices. But you can also get creative with other, more handy tools from your garden shed.

Get to Measuring

Best Butterfly Plants for Central Texas

Providing nectar sources for butterflies is important due to habitat loss and increased use of pesticides in crop fields. You can do your part to provide sanctuary for these insects — and save water while doing so.

See the Plant List

No Watering Needed

The expected precipitation arrived and quite vigorously! Therefore, no watering this week. Winter Averaging still in effect until mid-March.

Mark Peterson, Conservation Project Coordinator

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