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Garden Style San Antonio
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Plant Some Patriotic Pride

Incorporating a little American spirit into your landscape is simple. Here's a list of our favorite plants bursting with patriotic pride.

Celebrate Your Garden Here

The Hot Weather Vegetable Garden

Even during some of the hottest times of the summer, South Texas gardeners can keep busy. Lucky for us there's still time to plant three great hot weather vegetables!

The Hottest Veggies Around

Take the Hand-watering Challenge

Just because you have an irrigation system, doesn't mean it has to be the only way you water. The hose uses fewer gallons per minute than your irrigation system, plus hand-watering targets only what actually needs water.

Accept the Challenge

Rain, Rain Might Come Our Way

Most of the weekend rain fell in the southern and eastern parts of the county. Not much north and west. However, scattered showers should hit everyone this week. Concentrate on your full sun landscape only.

Mark Peterson, Conservation Project Coordinator

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