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Garden Style San Antonio
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Drought Got You Brown?
Don't Double Down

For many homeowners it's the norm to use more water on their landscapes in July and August. Although the reason seems obvious, the extreme heat is not why people double their water use in the summer.

Stop Summer Water Bill Overkill

Landscape Design Made Easy

Want to transform your outdoor living space, but don't have a clue about how to begin? The Watersaver Landscape Design Workshop is for you!

Mark Your Calendar

Drip Irrigation — Careful with that Design & Schedule!

Drip can be the most efficient method of irrigation. But if it's not installed correctly, drip can use as much water as ordinary sprinklers, if not more.

Drip Do's & Don'ts

The Rain Has Come!

Yes! Rain on Monday! No watering this week except for newly planted landscapes. Brown does not always equal dead.

Mark Peterson, Conservation Project Coordinator

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