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Garden Style San Antonio
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Last Chance to Reward Yourself

Got water-wise ways? There's still time to earn points that'll get you a bonus coupon to buy plants, landscaping supplies and other water-saving materials.

Get Rewarded Now

Know your Natives: Ashe Juniper aka "Mountain Cedar"

To keep or not to keep: that is the question every homeowner must face when it comes to perennial sneezemaker ashe juniper in the landscape.

Juniper By Any Other Name

No Tricks — WaterSaver Coupons End Oct. 31!

Three weeks. That's how much time is left to treat yourself to a coupon that'll help take your landscape from weary to wickedly water savvy.

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Time to Shut Off Irrigation

Whoa Nelly! Over 2 inches of rain last week and more is expected this week. It's time to shut off the irrigation system for a while. Gently advise neighbors and local businesses as well.

Mark Peterson, Conservation Project Coordinator

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