SAWS News: UPDATE: Repairs Complete on 48-inch main in NW SA
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UPDATE: Repairs Complete on 48-inch main in NW SA

Update: Friday, July 15, 4 p.m.

San Antonio Water System cleared outdoor water use today after replacing twenty feet of 48-inch main on Alamo Ranch Parkway outside of 1604. The main was damaged by a non-SAWS contractor early Tuesday morning. This was the second time in two days that a non-SAWS contractor damaged the city’s water utility’s pipes.

SAWS was able to compensate for the loss of the large 48-inch line by redirecting water flow from other areas, but maintaining consistent and stable pressure was difficult.

 "By delaying outdoor watering, the residents and businesses in this area of San Antonio provided great assistance in helping maintain pressure in this area,” said SAWS COO Steve Clouse. "We want to convey our sincere thanks for helping ensure their neighbors had water. Now we’re happy to say that they can resume outdoor watering. Of course, remember that it should be before 11 a.m. or after 7 p.m."  

Update Thursday, 2:30 p.m.

Crews worked all night, and are still working today to excavate the area, expose the old pipe, and install the new one. Since the break is so close to Alamo Ranch Parkway, crews installed a trench box to isolate the  break from the road. The new pipe is being connected now and we hope to finish the installation by end of day.


SAWS Crews prepare to remove damaged section of pipe. Click here for gallery.

Update Wednesday, 3:30 pm:

SAWS equipment and crews are at the main break site at Alamo Ranch Parkway and 1604. Excavation is underway and pipe replacement will start tonight.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping water use down while we make this important repair! 

Excavation of damaged 48-inch pipe at Alamo Parkway and 1604.

 Update Wednesday, 9 a.m.

Watch a Periscope broadcast from the work site.

Large SAWS Water Main Hit by Non-SAWS Contractor  Affecting large SA area

Early Tuesday morning, in a moment of déjà vu, a non-SAWS contractor damaged a SAWS water main even as crews were repairing the damage caused by a contractor on Monday morning. And this time the break was to a larger, 48-inch pipe just a mile away from the first incident.

The contractor, working on drainage for the 1604 improvements, hit a 48-inch water main, just about a mile from Culebra and 1604 – the initial site damaged by a fiber contractor less than 24-hours earlier. SAWS crews scrambled to both isolate the massive water losses caused by the new damage to the 48-inch main, as well as finish the repairs to the first 36-inch main.

With the demands of hot weather and peak outdoor watering, SAWS operations staff is paying extra attention to maintaining pressure in this area. As a result, the utility is asking customers to delay outdoor watering until Saturday, July 16, when all repairs are complete.

SAWS maintains one of the country’s most complex water systems with over 5,000 miles of pipe, more than 130 water tanks and pump stations. The utility has been able to compensate for the loss of the large 48-inch line by redirecting water flow from other areas, but maintaining consistent and stable pressure has been difficult.

Large businesses and facilities with major outdoor water needs in the impacted areas are being individually contacted and asked to cooperate by delaying outdoor watering. A map of the area involved is attached.

“San Antonians are great at pitching in,” said SAWS COO Steve Clouse. “We know we can depend on our customers to help us maintain pressure. Once all the parts and equipment are ready, we will time the work to minimize any potential impact to our customers. By Saturday, everything should be back to normal.”

  Click to view larger map  
  The affected area is in the northwest portion of San Antonio. Click to view larger map (pdf).  


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